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Welcome on The CrusherNet !

My name is Maxim Dallaston, also known as « The Crusher », and I’m a professional French drummer. You will find on this website all the informations about my playing, events, the gear I use, and the services I propose.

Looking for a drummer… ? You have found the drummer you wanted ! For any studio needs, live sessions, clinics or drum event, The Crusher is your man. Having studio experience, and regularly playing live with an orchestra of 50 musicians, Maxim Dallaston has played in many different conditions.

Want to promote drum products… ? Therefore The Crusher is your partner. Thanks to his networks and local partnerships, Maxim Dallaston can help you to promote your products in the South of France. 
He can also use his multiple connexions around the world thanks to the Internet, being apparent in the middle of a lot of drum communities, and creating his own. He is also making videos ; your products could be used on the next ones ! Plus, there is not a lot of drum contests on the internet, may be we should start our partnership by creating one ?

Drum players, this is your place… Join The Crusher ! Drum lessons, advices, and simple exchange are very welcomed. Or we could collaborate, make videos together, do clinics or showcases… Possibilites are boundless, together we stand, divided we fall !

In any case… Feel free to subscribe on my Facebook and Youtube accounts, and to contact me ! I will enjoy to help in your projects, to be a part of it, and to share with you mutual satisfaction.

Best regards,

Maxim Dallaston