Maxim Dallaston, rhythm designer
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Maxim Dallaston, « The Crusher »

… is a self-educated Frenglish drummer. Driving left and right, he developped his own playing since he’s 17 years old, inspired by drummers like Terry Bozzio, Dave Weckl or Mike Terrana, to pursue his musical career and develop his drum and percussion school project.

After several years growing up his self-inflicted method, he checked his knowledge by following lessons in a musical Institute (I.C.E.M.), and after 18 months was encouraged to fly with his own wings.

Looking for technicality and challenge, he settled within different musical networks, and met the composer Serge André, with who he continues a unique musical adventure alongside 49 musicians came from the whole country. 
« The Crusher » also plays with a lot of artists in the South of France, any ages and any style, whether Jazz, Rock’n’roll, Blues, Pop or Heavy Metal.

His powerfull playing and showmanship gave him that name of Crusher ; « drums are heart beats. This instrument brings relief and intentions, supports and transports melodies, awakes buried emotions. It is, according to me, the very meaning of Interpretation. ».