Maxim Dallaston, rhythm designer
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What is the Crusherbox ?

What is the CrusherBox ? A machine for woodcutters ? Something to eat, bought in a well-known fast-food firm ? More than that…

Three parts can be distinguished within this concept : drum lessons, studio recording for drums, and live sessions.

Welcome in a musical work shop ; the CrusherBox is, at the surface, a pleasant place to work on drums, to practice, to rehearse, and of course to learn everything you can about drumming. But beneath the surface, it is a concept ; it represents the will to achieve, never giving up, always working hard. Everybody is working so hard in this place, drummers, beginners or advanced, that sticks cannot live a very long life. So, it can be compared to a true crusher box.

Drum lessons :

Adapted to your level, availabilities, purposes and wills, those drum lessons are provided taking into account your personality, and in an interactive way of learning. Drum lessons every week, extra lessons or intensive courses, pedagogy and sense of adaptation are very important within the CrusherBox.

The volition here is to link old methods and new technologies, your experiences with the teacher’s ones, your personal purposes and essential achievements in order to be able to play properly, and the common knowledge, historical, to your knowledge, for you know much more than you can expect. Do not hesitate, let’s give it a try…

Studio sessions :

You want to make your own album ? A good drum part is the beginning of a great song ! « The Crusher », thanks to his partners (a nice and big professional studio, music shops, experimented musicians…) is here to help you realize your project, by sending recorded drum tracks, or coming to your studio and make it happen where you want.

Making drum tracks using computers and software allows you to shape your ideas, and gives you a very good basis to work with. Nevertheless, in order to have a finished product, a big difference is felt when you hear digitally made drums or recorded acoustic drums. Human heart can never be replaced ; and that very difference is studied within the CrusherBox.

Please send an email, your music is unique, our partnership will be unique, and the results will be unique as well…

Live sessions :

The CrusherBox is a place where lots of gigs are prepared, in every genre, every style. The Crusher had lots of gigs with various musical groups ; contemporary orchestras, Jazz bands, Blues, Rock or Heavy-Metal bands, he wants to share with you his experience, to communicate with your music, musicians and with the public.

You want to do a gig ? A tour ? You are still missing a good drummer partner ? Do not look after any others, you have just found the one you needed ! You have now an experienced drummer, a showman for your live sessions, The Crusher got your back and will be a hundred per cent to the music in order to make your music beat…

He can also support your singing by doing your backing vocals.