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CrusherBox – The Courses

You want to have drum lessons in Carcassonne, or within its surroundings ? You are looking for quality education, personalized, in a friendly and original space ? CrusherBox and its partner SOS Music Carcassonne are here for you ! Drum lessons for beginners, intermediate, drum lessons for confirmed or advanced drummers, there are as many formulas and ways to learn than personalities. Drum lessons every week, or extra lesson, intensive courses, at your home or at the CrusherBox, let’s set your purposes together, and choose the best way to attempt them.

Beginners drum lessons :

In Carcassonne, it is never too early or too late to start on drumming ! Within a modern and designed space, using new technologies, that you will hit and feel your very first rhythmical emotions. Reading scores, learning songs, how to use several fills and techniques, we engage to insure you good basics and a comfortable feeling behind a drum kit.
It is also important to know how is made the instrument, to hold the sticks in a way appropriated, and to feel free to play different kind of music, drumming, size of sticks, drums configuration. Drumming in Carcassonne is also experiment !

Intermediate drum lessons :

In Carcassonne, improve your knowledge about the drums ! Adapted to your level, those lessons will allow you to begin expressing yourself upon the instrument, and to feel relax while doing it. Work upon your weaknesses, styles of music that you have never played before, play with rods, brushes, many other drum tools and, of course, twin pedals or double bass drum ! It is time to get higher speed.

During those drum lessons, we also will study how to build a drum solo, and further adjustments for you drum kit. Let’s add more shades to primary colours !

Confirmed drummers drum lessons :

You live in Carcassonne or surroundings, and you already feel comfortable behind your drum set. Time has come to learn further techniques, to variate your drumming, improve your skills, and to talk about time signatures, odd time signatures and poly rhythms ! We will work together upon the difficulties that you may encounter, harder synchronization between your arms and legs, ostinatos… We will also discover new sounds that you can obtain from an acoustic drum kit, and how you can create new sounds by yourself. Finally, we will study how to make solos like best drummers around the world do !

Advanced drum lessons :

Carcassonne is also a nest of very good and professional musicians ; and, for sure, you are one of them. Those lessons, extra lessons or intensive courses, will allow us to exchange about our way of drumming, explore new spaces and techniques around the drum kit ! We will study very advanced techniques, using complex exercises. It will be a hard work of research and of practice.

We also may build together one or several drum events, in order to play in front of a public. Let’s make complex drum solos, and work on progressive styles of music. Together, let’s put drumming in Carcassonne one step further !