Maxim Dallaston, rhythm designer
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CrusherBox – The Live

Contemporary orchestras, Jazz bands, Blues, Rock or Heavy-Metal bands, The Crusher wants to share with you his experience, to communicate with your music, musicians and with the public.
Whether for a single concert or a tour following the release of an album, you need today a good drummer to support your notes. Do not search anymore ! You have now an experienced drummer, a showman for your live sessions, The Crusher got your back and will be a hundred per cent to the music in order to make your music beat… To support you by doing backing vocals will also be a pleasure and a great honor.

Music Live, size does matter:

Big stage, large public, The Crusher suits his drum kit depending on the type of music and its needs. His orchestral drum kit, the biggest one, offers lots of different sounds and colors; thanks to its three snares, eight tom-toms, three cowbells, eighteen cymbals and a set of chimes, our drummer has all the tool to follow and back up every relief.

Set OrchestralOrchestral Set

The Heavy-Metal version of The Crusher ‘s drum kit remains impressive, and stacks some cymbals in order to offer, far beyond the only aesthetic sense, some strong and trash colors, supporting the originality of your sound. Twin pedal tested and approved !

Set metalHeavy Metal Set

Finally, a lighter version of the drum kit and Jazz oriented will permit our french drummer to support your gigs with fineness and precision.

Set JazzJazz Set

Musical entertainment:

You are engaged to do a musical entertainment in a establishment, a private place, for a wedding or a exceptional occasion, and you are still a missing a drummer ? The Crusher proposes to address this issue.
Thanks to his electronic drum kit, say good bye to the volume problems that you may encounter with an acoustic drum kit in a closed or restricted environment. Whatever the style, volume is always under control and will make you feel comfortable with an easier way to fit with sound system.

Set électroniqueElectronic Set