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Why doing an acoustic drum record ?

In a digital age, advanced softwares and more or less easy to work with, it is legitimate to ask the question. And the answer will be located in your ears… And in your heart. For digital drum tracks can be felt like it is, heartless. A song, far beyond notes or lyrics, is made of reliefs that vary the intention, and that way the intensity of emotions. Advanced technologies that we all know allow to create artificially those reliefs ; yet it must be remembered that they are just an illsuion of emotions.

Those softwares helps the composer or the arranger to materialize and test ideas without having to hear it played by musicians, which is a true time saving. This is helpfull for the musicians as well, giving them specific guidance as to the interpretation objectives. Nevertheless, in order to have a living song, you will hear the difference between digital drum tracks and recorded acousitc drum tracks. Singers record their own voices, not synthesized voices. The Crusher offers his services in order to pursue your purposes.

Every man for himself and drums for all :

Want to make your own album without moving from home ? You want to call for a professionnal drummer no matter how far he can be ? The Crusher and his partners wish to fulfill your wishes. Your drummer has a recording studio near his home, allowing him to directly record and send drum tracks via the Internet. It only needs to contact, tell everything about your goals and wills, and send tracks that you have composed ; together, we will talk about several ideas in order to define precisely the purposes. In the end, The Crusher will send you drum tracks studio recorded and compatible with the formats you use.

Plus, it is possible for you to ask our partner to realize the final mix of your song, in order to maintain consistency.